We love Waspmote. But that is a discussion for another time.

This solution goes far deeper than controlling your irrigating machines. Monitoring plant and soil conditions is considered a simple use case but in the semi-arid Sub Saharana climate the novelty in water conservation  cannot be ignored. Generally there are three great use for Smart Agriculture:

  1. Sensing for soil moisture and nutrients.
  2. Controlling water usage for optimal plant growth.
  3. Determining custom fertilizer profiles based on soil chemistry.

IoT Applied to Livestock

There are many ways to slice this one but care must be taken to deploy the solution in the proper context. For example most African farmers still use open range for their livestock with livestock posing some threat to life to motorists. Applications to animal husbandry also are of immediate note. Ranchers are able to use wireless IoT applications to gather data regarding the health, well-being, and location of their cattle. This information saves them money in two ways:

  1. Identify sick or cattle that have just given birth
  2. Lower labour costs by pin-pointing locations and relying less on a large number of cow-hands.

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