This is a hybrid solution built for patients and for Health Providers. On the Hospital side we leverage expertise from ImartOffice Consultants and partnership from Zebra Technologies to provide:

(a) Identity Solutions: Throughout the patient journey from admissions to discharge their safety starts with positive patient identification. Zebra Identity Solutions has developed cutting edge patient identification, helping you protect patient rights and safety while improving workflows.The solution goes further enabling positive accurate specimen collection,management and medication administration.

(b)Mobility Solutions: We build clinical mobility solutions that bring collaborative care to a patient’s bedside. We integrate together work tools, systems and processes-this is part of our DNA.

                                                   APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT

We are focusing on shared care and managed health programs, including outpatient and ambulatory care (chronic disease), shared Electronic Health Records (EHR), repository solutions, conformance with the national PCEHR program, reporting databases and other solutions.